U.S. House of Representatives 2nd District: Mark Hunt (D)

Governor: Jim Justice (D)

Attorney General: Doug Reynolds (D)

Agriculture Commissioner: Walt Helmick (D)

Auditor: Mary Ann Claytor (D)

Treasurer: John Perdue (D)

Secretary of State: Natalie Tennant (D)

State Senate by district:

1st Jack Yost (D);  2nd Lisa Zukoff (D); 3rd Bradley Vanzile (D) and Greg Smith (D); 4th Brian Prim  (D); 5th Bob Plymale (D); 6th Rocky Seay (D); 7th Richard Ojeda (D); 8th Glenn Jeffries (D); 9th Mike Goode (D); 10th Dave Perry (D); 11th Denise Campbell (D); 12th Doug Facemire (D); 13th Roman Prezioso (D); 14th Bob Williams (D); 15th Brad Noll (D); 16th Stephen Skinner (D); 17th Corey Palumbo (D).

House of Delegates by district:

1st Ronnie Jones (D); 2nd Phil Diserio (D); 3rd Shawn Fluharty (D) and Erikka Storch (R); 4th Joe Canestraro (D) and Mike Ferro (D); 5th Dave Pethtel (D); 7th Mark Harper (D); 8th David Bland (D); 9th Jim Marion (D); 10th Andy Daniel (D), J. Morgan Leach (D) and Bill Merriman (D); 11th Jim Crowder (D); 12th Missy Morris (D); 13th Scott Brewer (D) and Rosalee Juba-Plumley (D); 14th Samantha Fooce (D); 15th Jeffrey Smith (D); 16th Joe Akers (D), Sean Hornbuckle (D) and Matt Spurlock (D); 17th Chad Lovejoy (D) and Matthew Rohrback (R); 18th Bill Chaffin (D); 19th Ken Hicks (D) and Robert Thompson (D); 20th Justin Marcum (D); 21st Phyllis White (D); 22nd Jeff Eldridge (D) and Gary McCallister (D); 23rd Rodney Miller (D); 24th Ralph Rodighiero (D); 25th Bucky Blackwell (D); 26th Ed Evans (D); 27th Carol Bailey (D), Sabrina Shrader (D) and Lacy Watson (D); 28th Bill O’Brien (D) and Wayne Williams (D); 29th Ricky Moye (D); 30th Mick Bates (D); 31st Kristen Ross (D); 32nd Shirley Love (D), John Pino (D) and Margaret Staggers (D); 33rd David Walker (D); 34th Brent Boggs (D); 35th Ben Adams (D), Andrew Byrd (D) and Ben Sheridan (D); 36th Nancy Guthrie (D), Andrew Robinson (D) and Larry Rowe (D); 37th Mike Pushkin (D); 38th Tom Tull (D); 39th Wesley Holden (D); 40th Melissa Riggs Huffman (D); 41st Adam Young (D); 42nd Stephen Baldwin (D) and Ray Canterbury (R); 43rd Bill Hartman (D) and Phil Isner (D); 44th Dana Lynch (D); 45th Bill Hamilton (R); 46th Peggy Smith (D); 47th Ken Auvil (D); 48th Richard Iaquinta (D), Derek McIntyre (D), Tim Miley (D) and Wayne Worth (D); 49th Dave Gobel (D); 50th Mike Caputo (D), Linda Longstreth (D) and Tim Manchin (D); 51st Barbara Fleischauer (D) Evan Hansen (D), Nancy Jamison (D), Rodney Pyles (D) and John Williams (D); 52nd Steven Shaffer (D); 53rd Al Tomson (D); 55th Isaac Sponaugle (D); 57th Beverly Keadle (D); 59th Cat Webster; 60th Gary “Peanut” Collis (D); 61st Jason Barrett (D); 62nd Christy Santana (D); 63rd Kenny LeMaster (D); 64th Barby Frankenberry (D); 65th Sammi Brown (D); 66th David Dingess (D); 67th Rod Snyder (D).

Executive Board  

Josh Sword, Chairman     
Joe Carter, Secretary-Treasurer   
Sherry Breeden, VIP Director      
Randy Moore, Representing Industrial Sector Unions 
Christine Campbell, Representing Public Employee Sector Unions   
BB Smith, Representing Central Labor Councils 
Dave Efaw, Representing Construction Sector Unions 

Committee Members 

(A) The Officers and Executive Board of the West Virginia AFL-CIO: 

Josh Sword, Chairman   
Joe Carter, Secretary-Treasurer 
Bob Brown, Vice President, First Congressional District        
Danny Doyle, Vice President, First Congressional District                                
Mike Caputo, Vice President, First Congressional District         
Dan Poling, Vice President, First Congressional District 
Vern Swisher, Vice President, First Congressional District          
Elaine Harris, Vice President, Second Congressional District                                 
Randy Moore, Vice President, Second Congressional District    
Gary Tillis, Vice President, Second Congressional District 
Chuck Miller, Vice President, Second Congressional District    
Christine Campbell, Vice President, Second Congressional District  
Chuck Parker, Vice President, Third Congressional District     
Open Seat, Vice President, Third Congressional District     
Dave Efaw, Vice President, Third Congressional District 
Kathy McCormick, Vice President, Third Congressional District 

(B) A representative for each international union with membership in the state of 1,000 or more and or which maintains a full time representative within the state. However, any 

International union with less than 1,000 members in the state may apply for representation on the State COPE Committee and upon the approval of the application by the Committee, shall be granted such representation. 

Robert James, AFGE, American Federation of Government Employees 
Barbara Spradling, AFSCME, American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees 
Ron Piersol, AW, Asbestos Workers Local Union 80  
Tony Lautar, AFT, American Federation of Teachers 
Brian Hussell, IBB, International Brotherhood of Boilermakers 
Leroy Hunter, BAC, International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers 
Scott Brewer, UBC, United Brotherhood of Carpenters 
Linda Miller, CWA, Communications Workers of America 
Kelly Bradley, IUEC, International Union of Elevator Constructors 
Thomas Hubbard, GMP, Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastics & Allied Workers Int. Union 
Steve Crum, IBEW, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 
Bob Thornton, IW, International A. of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental & Reinforcing Iron Workers  
Tom Bowen, LIUNA, Laborers International Union of North America 
Don Riffee, IAM, International Association of Machinists 
Joe Paden, NALC, National Association of Letter Carriers 
Todd Mullins, IUOE, International Union of Operating Engineers 
Brian Stanley, IUPAT, International Union of Painters & Allied Trades 
Mike Rhodes, UA, United Assoc.-Union of Plumbers, Fitters, Welders & HVAC Service Techs  
Chris Womack, OPCMIA, Operative Plasterers’ & Cement Masons’ International Association 
Steve Perdue, SMART, International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation   
Joyce Gibson, SEIU, Service Employees International Union  
Ken Collinson, UAW, United Auto Workers  
Leslie Bond, UFCW, United Food & Commercial Workers   
Teddy Hapney, UMWA, United Mine Workers of America  
Dave Martin, USW, United Steelworkers     
Greg Lanham, UWUA, Utility Workers Union of America  
Peter Bostic, Workers United  

(C) A representative from each AFL-CIO State Trade and Industrial Department or Council: 

Bridget Davis, AFSCME Council 77  
Mack Combs, National Association of Letter Carriers  
Mark Estlack, Carpenters, Mid-Atlantic Regional Council  
Paul Breedlove, Charleston Building Trades Council  
Dave Fox, CWA State Council 
Craig Harvey, Laborers’ District Council  
Open Seat, North Central Building Trades Council  
Glenn McEndree, Painters District Council 53  
Lyn Lovell, Parkersburg Marietta Building Trades Council  
Brian Jones, Professional Fire Fighters of WV 
Mark Johnson, Tri-State Building Trades Council  
Thomas Conner, Upper Ohio Valley Building & Trades Council  
Karen Shipley, USW District 8 Council  
Ryan Frankenberry, AFT - WV Council  
Ginny Moles, Alliance for Retired Americans – WV Chapter  
Robert Keefer Jr, WV Pipe Trades Association  
Steve White, WV State Bldg. & Construction Trades Council  
Joe Samples, WV State Electrical Workers Association  

  1. The Director of State COPE 
  1. The Director of the VIP Department of State COPE   

Sherry Breeden 

  1. A Representative from each Central Labor Council within the state: 
    1. Ryan Omaits, President, Brooke-Hancock Labor Council, AFL-CIO
    2. Jim Rogers, COPE Director, Eastern Panhandle CLC, AFL-CIO  
    3. Robin Young, COPE Director, Kanawha Valley Labor Council, AFL-CIO 
    4. Mark Dorsey, President, Marion County, AFL-CIO 
    5. BB Smith, President, Marshall, Wetzel, Tyler CLC, AFL-CIO  
    6. Roger Winebrenner, Vice President, Mason-Jackson-Roane Labor Council, AFL-CIO  
    7. Nancy Jamison, President, Monongalia-Preston Labor Council, AFL-CIO  
    8. Dave Minor, COPE Director, North Central West Virginia Labor Council, AFL-CIO  
    9. Robert Holpp, President, Ohio Valley Trades and Labor Assembly, AFL-CIO  
    10. Roger Boyles, President, Parkersburg Area Labor Council, AFL-CIO 
    11. Debra Elmore, President, South Central, AFL-CIO  
    12. Phil Bostic, President, Southeastern Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO  
    13. Bob Adkins, President, Southwestern District Labor Council, AFL-CIO 
  1. The AFL-CIO Regional Director or his designated representative with the state: 

  Rod Muchnok

  1. Such additional representation as the Executive Board of the WV AFL-CIO may decide.