A statement by WV AFL-CIO President Josh Sword in Support of the For the People Act:

"The For the People Act (S.1/H.R. 1) is a critically important and comprehensive bill now being debated in Congress that will protect our basic, constitutional voting rights.Far too many states are passing or attempting to pass bills that hinder our ability to participate in fair elections, including a failed attempt right here in West Virginia dur...
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Lawsuit re House Bill 2009

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WANTED: Legislative candidates who care about average West Virginians, not themselves

The West Virginia legislative session has just passed its halfway mark, and anyone representing working families, union members, consumers, middle-class taxpayers, public school students, just to name a few, will be the first to say it's been disastrous. "I can't think of anyone, outside of people like Don Blankenship, who isn't going to take a hit...
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Legislative leaders still hiding, hurting workers

Governor Jim Justice has announced that all businesses in West Virginia can return to full capacity, yet the state Legislature continues to lock out the public, moving bills that weaken worker protections, eliminate liability for corporations that intentionally put employees in harm's way, and hand huge tax breaks to the rich – all behind closed do...
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The truth about Right to Work, Prevailing Wage is finally told

Now that West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has repeatedly declared the state's so-called "Right to Work" law and repeal of the Prevailing Wage economic development failures, labor leaders are anxiously waiting for newly appointed state Economic Development Director Mitch Carmichael to echo his boss's sentiments, and call for reversal of those two ...
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WV AFL-CIO's Letter to Legislative Leadership

The following is the letter we sent to the House Speaker. We sent the same letter to the Senate President and Governor. Download PDF File Here

WV Legislative Majority Puts Profit Over People

For nearly a year now, the hardest working in our communities, those who never had the option of staying at home in the face of this deadly pandemic, have persevered to our benefit. Thanks to them, we have always been able to rely on health and senior care services, groceries, mail delivery, utilities, and the education and care of our children. So...
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WV Legislative Leadership Attacking Workers Right Out of the Gate

CHARLESTON, WV -- In a move that will surprise no one who has followed the actions of the West Virginia legislative leadership for the past several years, the newly emboldened supermajority is acting swiftly to pass legislation attacking worker freedoms. "Within just two days of the start of session, they're moving legislation to weaken unions, str...
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