During the 2015 Legislative Session, working families were attacked over and over in what in has been described by many as the most egregious assault on workers in our state’s history.  

To remind workers which side individual legislators stood, the WV AFL-CIO is introducing a new weekly communication called the “Anti-Worker Roll Call Vote of the Week.” 

In the new weekly communication, one specific, anti-worker vote will be identified, explained and the actual roll call vote then posted on the WV AFL-CIO webpage and Facebook account as well as shared via Twitter.  The WV AFL-CIO will announce a new “Anti-Worker Roll Call Vote of the Week” each week through the month of December.  

Feel free to copy, post, re-tweet or share so the message is delivered as broadly as possible!

Bill Number:SB 409

Description: Prohibits government entities from requiring contractors to enter into Project Labor Agreements (PLAs), a tool that private industry uses to ensure safe, high-quality projects.  

Date:February 27, 2015

Voting Body: 34-member Senate

The Vote:  Final Passage a “Yes” vote is Anti-Worker a “No” vote is Pro-Worker

Download this file (02-27-0009.pdf)02-27-0009.pdf[ ]61 kB

Bill Number: SB 529

Description: Creates a new retirement tier, with much lower benefit levels, for all public employees hired after July 1, 2015.  Also, veterans who served our country during times of conflict and are hired as state employees will now have to pay for their military service credit, a benefit that previously was at no cost to them.

Date: March 18, 2015

Voting Body: 100-member House

The Vote:  Final Passage a “Yes” vote is Anti-Worker a “No” vote is Pro-Worker

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