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As West Virginia continues to recover from the far-reaching effects of Winter Storm Jonas, the West Virginia AFL-CIO sends out heartfelt thanks to the thousands of state Department of Highways and local government employees, first responders and utility workers who have dedicated so much time and energy to assisting state residents.

“Thousands of dedicated people -- working for the Department of Highways; state, county and local law enforcement; city and county governments; and utility companies -- have truly been put to the test,” West Virginia AFL-CIO President Kenny Perdue said. “They’ve put in long shifts under very difficult circumstances, and we are extremely grateful for a job well done.”

As state Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox has noted, now that the primary roads are for the most part clear, the considerable challenge of more than 24,000 miles of secondary roads that need attention is still before us.

“We urge West Virginians to remain patient as these people continue this important work of not only snow and ice removal, but of transporting and assisting our most vulnerable citizens in need of medical care,” Perdue said.

He also said these workers deserve thanks and encouragement.

“Considering that the Legislative leadership is moving rapidly on measures that will lower wages and hurt working families, a Republican leader has called for cutting thousands of state jobs, and a member of the Senate leadership just characterized union members attending a legislative meeting as ‘free riders,’ we feel it’s important to let these workers know that West Virginians outside that political circle do not feel such contempt for workers, and in fact very much appreciate the services they provide.”