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WHEELING, W. Va. — The United Steelworkers (USW) today said that union-represented employees of Tecnocap will rally for fair treatment on Saturday, February 11, while the company celebrates 15 years of doing business in the U.S. with a lavish, Italian opera-themed party.

Many Tecnocap employees recently have been laid off, and the union has been forced to file unfair labor practice complaints due to the company’s refusal to engage in good faith contract negotiations with the union that represents its workers.

“While we applaud any celebration that honors this region’s Italian heritage and culture, we feel compelled to remind those in attendance, as well as the organizations that are cosponsoring this event, that this company has shown complete disrespect for its hard-working employees,” said Sonny Oakland, president of the Marshall-Wetzel-Tyler Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

The public and news reporters are invited to join the Tecnocap employees, who will be outside the Capitol Theatre on Main Street in downtown Wheeling Saturday evening prior to the Tecnocap-sponsored event.

“We understand why these cosponsors would want to acknowledge a long-time business owner, but Tecnocap President Paolo Ghigo has regularly mistreated his West Virginia employees,” said West Virginia AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Andy Walters. “The community needs to be aware before showering him with praise.”

Just days ago, Tecnocap laid off 51 employees, all members of United Steelworkers Local 152M. So far, the union has filed more than 50 charges against the company’s unfair labor practices, resulting in determinations by the National Labor Relations Board that Tecnocap violated the law – including deep cuts to health care in 2021 and illegally locking out USW members in an effort to break the union during contract negotiations in 2018.

On Wednesday, Tecnocap cancelled a meeting with the USW that had been scheduled for Friday in an effort to resolve the issues.

“An employer who lays off and mistreats local, loyal employees should be held accountable, not honored,” said USW District 8 Director Larry Ray. “Our union is proud to fight for justice and fairness, and we know that our solidarity will carry the day at Tecnocap.”

WHO: Members and supporters of USW Local 152M

WHAT: Peaceful Demonstration for Tecnocap Employees, United Steel Workers Local 152M, hosted by Marshall-Wetzel-Tyler Labor Council, AFL-CIO    

WHEN: 5:30 p.m., Feb. 11, 2023

WHERE: Outside the Capitol Theatre, 1015 Main Street, Wheeling