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“Using bullying tactics that included holding hostage a tax cut for West Virginia retirees, and pay raises for state police, teachers and school service personnel, members of the Senate leadership proved they will stop at nothing to create instability and unpredictability for people who lose their jobs due to no fault of their own.

“It’s disturbing that people who are supposed to be leading the Legisature with the goal of helping improve West Virginians’ lives would instead spend all their time and energy on hurting working people. 

“This bill was pushed through in the last hour of the 60-day legislative session, after weeks of strong-arm attempts to find support among delegates for other versions to no avail. When the majority of House members finally caved to the need to pass other important legislation the Senate was spitefully refusing to act on, members voted on a last-minute version that clearly the vast majority of members had no understanding of. It was a complete farce.

“The state Unemployment Fund, which is healthier than it’s ever been, exists to help any one of us who suddenly find ourselves out of a job. Every citizen of this state should think long and hard about why those in the legislative leadership want to cut down that safety net.”