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It goes without saying that West Virginia families have taken it on the chin with the recent flooding that has affected many parts of our great state.  Some of our union brothers and sisters have lost everything, including homes, property and sentimental memorabilia that can’t be replaced. About 50 union homes have been severely damaged or destroyed -- at least one member has died in the flooding.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them!  

As the affected families begin the process of trying to put their lives back together, we want to do everything we can to help them.  Although there are many ways to help and many organizations stepping up to the plate, we feel it is our duty to set up a dedicated fund for our brothers and sisters and their families in the labor movement. That is why we are asking for monetary contributions to a newly established, tax deductible fund, set up under the umbrella of the WV AFL-CIO, designed to provide assistance for those in our union family, as well as to the monumental effort by IBEW local 466 electricians to help restore power to homes in the Clendenin area.  

The WV AFL-CIO Executive Board will provide oversight to make sure the monies are expended appropriately and proportionally to affected members and their families throughout the entire state.  Donors also have the option of specifically directing donations toward supplies and support for the IBEW local 466 project.

To get the fund started, the WV AFL-CIO will make the first contribution in the amount of $1,000.

We hope your affiliate and/or your local will consider a contribution of any size.  Personal contributions are also tax deductible and welcomed. Make no mistake, we guarantee your contributions will help address the great need that exist.  The specifics are outlined below.  Thanks in advance for your consideration!

If your union would like to make a contribution, please make the check payable to:

For the general disaster fund: 

HRDF, In Care of the WV AFL-CIO Disaster Fund

For IBEW local 466’s electrical work:

HRDF, In Care of the WV AFL-CIO Disaster Fund/IBEW

And send to: 

501 Leon Sullivan Way

Charleston, WV 25301

MVB Bank: Account # 75000

In Solidarity,

Kenny Perdue & Joshua Sword