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MORGANTOWN -- The West Virginia AFL-CIO will hold a ceremony Thursday evening at the Morgantown Public Safety Building to remember the men and women of this state who lost their lives on the job last year. 

“Across the country, unions take time on this day to remember workers who have suffered and died because of workplace hazards,” West Virginia AFL-CIO President Kenny Perdue said. “It saddens me greatly to note that in 2015, 15 West Virginians went to work and didn’t return home to their families.

“We ask all West Virginians to join us in honoring these hardworking people whose lives were cut short.”


Local and state union representatives will be on hand for the ceremony, which will take place beginning at 6 p.m. on the front steps of the Public Safety Building, 300 Spruce St., at the Police Statue.

“Despite significant progress over the years in making workplaces safer and protecting workers, too many people continue to be exposed to serious safety hazards and are injured, in some instances fatally,” Perdue said. “On this 28th annual Workers Memorial Day, we commemorate those who have lost their lives due to workplace-induced illnesses and injuries and once again demand stronger safety protections on the job.”

WHAT: West Virginia Workers Memorial Day

WHEN: 6 p.m., Thursday, April 28, 2016

WHERE: Front Steps of the Morgantown Public Safety Building