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Teamsters at AHF voted by more than 92% to ratify the Company’s offer today, ending an approximately year long dispute.  The last offer was rejected by a vote of 93% on February 23. 2020.  The new offer includes a total raise of $2.05 over the life of the contract, including retroactive pay back to February 2020 when the offer was rejected.  Additionally, the new contract keeps employee health insurance premiums at low increases.  The new agreement term is four years, which includes the prior year of 2020.

“The first offer was terrible and did little to address the serious concerns of our members and based on the negotiating committees’ recommendation the offer was overwhelmingly rejected” said Ken Hall, President, Teamsters Local 175 and General Secretary-Treasurer of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.  Hall continued, “however, to the Company’s credit once the parties returned to the table the attitude had changed and we were able to resolve many of the issues raised by the members.  I believe this is a very good contract as seen by the vote of the membership.”

“It’s been a frustrating process for our members over the past year but our rank and file committee held strong and it is clear by the results that our members appreciated what they did.”  Said Luke Farley, Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local 175.

The vote was conducted, by phone and internet, over the past two weeks after a zoom meeting explaining the offer.  The Union was unable to do a normal vote as COVID restrictions limited the ability to meet in large groups. 

The Teamsters represent approximately 400 workers, who manufacture hardwood flooring, under several names, including Bruce Hardwood.  The facility is in Beverly, WV.  AHF is a subsidiary of AIP, which purchased the hardwood flooring business from Armstrong Flooring.